Rhino Rescue Shears: Your Ultimate Emergency Companion

Measurement Imperial Metric
Weight 5.8 oz. 164g
Closed Length 5 in. 12.7 cm
Open Length 8.0 in. 20.3 cm
Blade Length 1.9 in. 4.8 cm
Width 1.9 in. 4.8 cm
Overall Thickness .67 in. 1.7 cm

Introducing the Rhino Rescue Shears, a multi-purpose tool designed for quick and safe responses in critical situations. Developed with the input of specialized operations medics, EMTs, and fire professionals, this tool is a handy companion that ensures efficiency and safety.

These Rescue Shears are versatile and can be used in various settings, making them your ideal partner not only in emergencies but also in day-to-day tasks. Use them as fabric shears, kitchen shears, garden shears, or even industrial shears – the Rhino Rescue Shears are built for it all.

Each pair of Rhino Rescue Shears comes equipped with the following functions to aid in any situation:

  • Folding Shears: These shears fold down to a compact size for safe storage and easy portability.
  • Strap Cutter: Easily cut through belts, webbing, clothing, and other materials to access injuries or escape from entanglement.
  • Ring Cutter: Safely remove rings without causing additional injury.
  • 5 cm Ruler: Make quick measurements on the go.
  • Oxygen Tank Wrench: Essential for medical professionals, this built-in wrench allows for quick access to oxygen.
  • Carbide Glass Breaker: A lifesaving tool for car accidents, this can shatter windows for a quick escape.

Be prepared in any situation with the Rhino Rescue Shears. With their multi-functional design, they are a crucial addition to any first aid kit, survival kit, or emergency response kit. Invest in your safety and peace of mind today.

Rhino Rescue Shears – A Perfect Balance of Functionality and Value

Rhino Rescue Shears inevitably draw comparisons with the original Leatherman Raptor. Without a doubt, the Leatherman Raptor is top-tier in terms of quality and functionality. Rhino Rescue Shears, inspired by the Raptor, may not rival it in certain aspects, but when you consider the price factor, the cost-effectiveness of our shears is undeniable.

Picture an emergency situation. If the rescue personnel are equipped with Leatherman Raptor, it will surely bring you the utmost reassurance. However, if the choice was between ordinary shears and our Rescue Shears, you would undoubtedly opt for the latter. That’s where the value of our Rescue Shears lies.

Our advice is this: if your budget allows, the Leatherman Raptor is undeniably your first choice. However, if you are seeking a cost-effective and practical option, then Rhino Rescue Shears are your ideal choice!


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Foldable Stainless Steel Emergency Shears
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