Safety chest collar and comfortable evacuation triangle with shoulder straps. The THALES safety chest collar and evacuation triangle is designed for rescue operations, cable lift evacuations, and helicopter evacuations. The chest collar configuration allows the evacuee to be secured in an emergency and then evacuated with the triangle. Passing from the chest collar configuration to the triangle configuration is quick with the use of three hook and loop straps. The ergonomic shape of the seat and the presence of shoulder straps makes suspension more comfortable than with a classic evacuation triangle. Color-coding differentiates the back and seat, as well as the different straps and closure system, making it easier to put on the evacuee. The high-strength TPU tarp material allows regular to intensive use.


  • Evacuation triangle that can be used in chest collar mode:
    – The chest collar configuration allows an evacuee without a harness to be secured in an emergency without moving them
    – Converting to the triangle configuration without disconnecting the evacuee is quick and easy with three hook and loop straps
    Note: Evacuation should be carried out after installing the triangle to provide optimal comfort for the evacuee. Chest collar configuration is not recommended while suspended.
  • Ergonomic and comfortable:
    – Ergonomic shape allows the evacuee to easily sit in the triangle and makes suspension more comfortable than with a classic evacuation triangle
    – Comfort handles allow the evacuee to correctly sit in the triangle
    – Shoulder straps allow the triangle or the chest collar to remain on the evacuee and keep them upright
    – DOUBLEBACK self-locking buckles allow it to be adjusted to a child (weighing more than 15 kg) and an adult (weighing up to 150 kg)
    – Rear handle allows a rope to be installed in order to orient the evacuee when arriving at the ground
    – Reflective strips on the back make it easier to use at night
  • Easy to put on:
    – Color-coding to differentiate the back (yellow) and the seat (black), for quick donning
    – Closure is secured with an Am’D TRIACT LOCK
    – Icons indicate the correct donning orientation of the chest collar
    – The triangle can be folded into the chest collar to limit bulk
  • Excellent durability for regular to intensive use:
    – High-strength TPU (PVC-free) tarp material for regular to intensive use; it is resistant to UV exposure (doesn’t fade), to oil, grease and high and low temperatures, chlorine-free (no odor), and recyclable


  • Weight: 1315 g
  • Certification(s): CE EN 1497, EN 1498 types A et B, UKCA, EASA CM-CS-005
  • Material(s): TPU (PVC-free), polyester, steel, aluminum


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